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Cifra who?

Cifra is a software development company in Gauteng, South Africa.  We specialise in the development of enterprise applications and offer a professional service to you the client.

Have you ever wished my system could do that?  Well if we developed your system, you probably would not have that notion.   We pride ourselves in working with you the customer to achieve a common goal: To make your business work.

Enterprise systems are not exclusive to large corporate companies, they can easily be applied to small and medium businesses.  So it does not matter what your turnover is there will be a solution for your company.

Our Service

We base our architectures on proven industry standards and use a combination of open source and commercially available software of operating systems, databases and application/web servers.  It all depends on the client's infrastructure, resources and business needs, always keeping in mind that your company will grow as will your system.

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